Maddy S Owner/Baker MADCRUMBS Sweet Boutique, Co.

Maddy S Owner/Baker MADCRUMBS Sweet Boutique, Co.

MADCRUMBS is a made-to-order, small-batch bakeshop in Philadelphia. We bake our products in a private kitchen and sell directly to our customers. No product is ever frozen, we bake from scratch using high quality and local ingredients whenever possible. By baking small batch we cut down in our food waste and able to offer affordable prices.

I am a mad scientist at heart. My creations are based on traditional foundations and comfort foods from childhood. I believe you must be passionate about what you do allowing your creations to soak in all the love for your craft. LOVE, the most have ingredient! Music unites all nations, and there’s always drums playing in my head. I love to play with chocolate, but not so much on eating it. I enjoy thriller and scary movies and am a sucker for puppies. I am always reading cook books and constantly challenging myself, to learn something new every day. I do have an “I don’t care” attitude, for the better of it all. Really, I mean, just because no one has done it before - it does not mean it can’t be done.

MADCRUMBS is just me making a mess. When I started baking for family and friends, there were crumbs everywhere, but back then, I had my personal vacuum. Linda (RIP) the chihuahua. I have learned so much from those early days, self taught later professionally trained in both culinary and pastry arts. My current action in motion is getting my own kitchen and storefront (which is taking longer than expected), but I believe and trust in a greater power to get it done…soon!

MADcrumbs is the love for simple ingredients (flour, water, salt, butter and sugar) to create decadent sweet and savory baked goods. I am passionate for local and fresh ingredients, the artistry of working with your hands, baking from scratch, and the fact that we have to be open to changes and aware of dietary restrictions. If you are highly allergic to nuts or need gluten free - I am NOT the baker for you.

John S (my partner in life and a f****ing amazing cook) and myself can’t wait to meet you and for you to try one of our amazing baked goods! Established in 2017, licensed and insured in the city of Philadelphia. Products are baked, packaged at a private shared kitchen, by our hands; so have a bit of patience with us - we are a small business after all.


XOXO, Crumbs!

Check our blog page for a list of Farmers Markets we will be participating in 2019!

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