Check back soon…this section is under construction. A new menu will be posted soon! Thanks for stopping by. For any questions email me at: INFO@MADCRUMBSBAKESHOP.COM


  • FRENCH MACARONS (assortment of flavors) What is a macaron?-A delicious meringue based cookie, with cute feet, sandwiched together with an exotic filling inside. Warning: For some people, macarons are too sweet!

  • CUSTOM CAKES (drip cakes, candy filled cakes, weddings and special events) <I do not make branded/licensed character cakes.>

  • COOKIES (assortment)

  • SHORTBREAD BARS (extra buttery shortbread based cookie bars with pshyco toppings)

  • STICKY BUNS (the king…soft, buttery and very sticky with our without nuts and raisins)

  • CINNAMON ROLLS (truck stop huge rolls, extra cinnamon and mad flavors)

  • MADRINGS (my version of “RingDings”, a spongy cake ring, with filling and covered in chocolate